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What Do Bail Bond Service Providers Do?

When someone gets arrested, that person will be taken to the local jail for booking. A court date will be booked by judges and they will decide whether that person has the right to be released on bail. Very often, the relatives of the arrested cannot afford to pay it and they turn to a bail bond service provider.

Bail is a financial arrangement that a court makes to secure the temporary release of a suspect. In general, judges can issue three main types of bonds. Cash bonds require payment of cash in advance. Surety, a written agreement for an obligation to pay in case the arrested doesn’t show up at the court date. There are also property bonds. As you can guess from the term, if anything happens to the suspected, the Authorities have the right to put an actual lien on a property.

Professional bondsmen determine a fee for this service and the family of the suspected is obliged to return the amount of money plus an agreed amount of interest. Usually, that fee is 10% on the top of the sum that has to be paid back. They will request a copy of the police record and the criminal’s profile to ascertain the chances of him fleeing. They will need some kind of security to make sure that the bail he paid will be actually returned.

If a defendant fails to appear in court on the date, they are considered a fugitive. Then, the bail bond service provider will go after them to reimburse the bond amount. Bondsmen have that risk all the time, but they have a special security fund for such cases. Their insurance companies require it. If they can’t find the suspected, they will ask for his assets or the assets of his friend or a relative.


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