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What Should You do If the Person Whom You Bailed Out of Jail Fails to Show up on the Court Date

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Failing to show up in court on the date you’ve been scheduled comes with great consequences. Typically, once you skipped on the court date, a warrant is issued on your name, and this gives the authorities the right to search your property, track your car, and talk to your friends and family members. In other words, they have all the means to find you and put you back in jail. Additionally, your right for second bail will be revoked. Your bail service provider will also take actions in order to find you, and recover their investment.

One of the major bail bond companies in Wichita, KSUnfortunately, there are people who do skip bail. Most of the time, these people have been bailed out of jail by close friends or family members. The reason why someone would agree to bail their friend out of jail is because they want the defendant to keep his job, get his case together, etc. If you plan to use bail bonds companies to bail someone out, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Don’t Harbor Them
When people fail to show up in court, most of the time they seek help from their friends and family members to harbor them. You have to understand that this is a crime in and of itself. Harboring a fugitive is a crime, and will be treated like a criminal by the court. You can get in serious trouble if you do such a thing. If someone approaches you to harbor them, remember that the person is asking you to risk getting thrown in jail. As a reputable bail service provider, we highly recommend you don’t do it.

Talk to the Bail Bonds Service Provider
If you bail someone out, and that person fails to show up in court, the bail service provider is going to face financial liability. Since most bail bonds companies ask for collateral, you risk to lose that collateral. The smartest thing to do is contact the bail bondsman, and let them know about the situation.

If you need to post bail for a person, feel free to contact A Absolute Bail Bonds - Wichita, and we will explain you in detail how everything works. We are based in Wichita, KS, and our number is (785) 289-9824.

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