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What Is a Bail Bond Service and What to Expect if You Skip on It?

What Is the Job of a Bail Bondsman and Why a Bond Service is Needed?

In our post today, we will tell you why booking a bond service can be beneficial for you and what it involves. If you are interested to learn more about it, read the article which our team has prepared for you to its very end!

  • Experienced and skilled bail bonds agentWhat are bail bonds?
    Bail bonds are an agreement to appear in court on a certain date. Judges decide whether or not to release the defendant with either a unsecured or secured bond. A secured one means the defendant gives a cash deposit, around 10% percent of the whole bail amount. If the defendant shows up in all court appearances, the bail will be exonerated, minus any court fees.
  • What to expect if you skip on your bail bond service?
    A bail bondsman, also referred to as a bond agent, is someone who represents a company or is an individual who acts independently that presents a bond to a court of law to release a defendant that would otherwise be kept in jail until their trial begins. These services are possible by agreements which are pre-arranged by the court in which a bondsman does business.

There are some vital factors to be taken into consideration when contracting with a bail bondsman. The first is crucial that the defendant has a character that will adhere to the release agreement. This is especially true if the bail is set high and the bond is secured by a bondsman in the shape of collateral, like a house or a vehicle. Otherwise, if the defendant failed to appear in court, the bondsman will take possession of the property that has been used as collateral. They will be authorized to send a bounty hunter to find and return the defendant who is on the run.

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